Childish Gambino – EP [Download]

So here I am, about to post up this long ass article about Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. I was all talking about how I was gonna put y’all up on him after putting y’all up on Drake. Then B-Easy let me know that I was sleeping harder than a infant after feeding. He’s already written about him SEVERAL times. Now I was hip to Donald Glover because I’m a big comic fan and I’ve seen him do stand-up. So when Community first came on TV, I was hype because I knew he was funny (even though I had no clue he had been writing for 30 Rock, and I don’t like that show at all.) He’s rapped like once or twice on Community but I thought he was just your typical talented guy. It wasn’t until last night when on Lopez Tonight did I know he could rap.  Early this morning in my timeline I peeped that dude dropped a mixtape. Download below and check some bars from this new joint…and yeah, Easy got the lead on this one.

” …always felt  misunderstood I guess I have to tolerate / my swag Jehovah Witness dude it never take a holiday…”

“…Even though / I was rappin’ back when Lance had chemo ho / Even Flow – Pearl Jam and nigga’s can’t leave me alone / I keep a bone, for these girls that liked me back when green was low”

“…With this lettuce, bread, cheese I’m makin’ sandwiches / That’s why all you niggas fail like all your parents marriages…”

Download: Childish Gambino – EP


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Source: IAmDonald

  • When enough people take notice of Childish Gambino, he’s gonna be huge.

    • saule wright

      I think the appearance on Lopez and this mixtape coming out will do it. It’s official as hell and If they react like I did, they’ll go and download all of them. Someone will sign him and his crew OR hei’ll get a big distribution deal.

  • DuB

    B or SW, one of yall should write a reviiew on this EP. I like this alot, its dope.

  • This is iight especially the last 3. But his voice is lighter than Mase goddamn. Shouldn’t bother me but…it does. But seriously, why y’all ain’t post that Chase N. Cashe tho??? My goddddd, heat

  • P

    You made me a fan of Tyler The Creator when u posted his vid B-Easy but I cant co-sign this dude he’s so wack.