No More Certified Bangers?


As you regulars users may have noticed (Well, the ones without Adblock), the full page ads are gone. Matter of fact, the AdBrite ads are gone all together. Why? According to AdBrite

Your site’s certified banger section has multiple images of women in sheer or see through clothing, and multiple images of women who partially wearing or removing their bottoms so their rear-ends are exposed. This is considered adult or mature content, and due to the content we have disabled zones on this site. Please remove the zones from your site as they will no longer receive advertisements.

Okay, that’s cool. I’ll be the first one to say is not exactly for the kids. But we been down with AdBrite for a minute and we been doing the Certified Banger columns for a minute and it’s funny we getting a complaint just now. Whatever…

I guess this is a good time as any to address the whole Certified Banger thing (We never really officially introduced it; it kinda just came one day). The whole idea behind adding the girls to the site was for a few reasons. Obviously one influence was XXL’s Eye Candy section and how highly successful that was. Secondly, it’s kinda like the way Wal-Mart puts the electronics section way in the back of the store; hopefully after you buy your copy of Modern Warfare 2, you’ll pick up some toothpaste or dog food on the way out (Translation: After you get done fantasizing over Bria Myles’ ass, you’ll read a good article about Blackstar). I guess I can also add that the Bangers also drive in traffic (Which I’m sure you can guess). While Pricele$$, No Ceilings, “Best Rappers”, J. Cole are in the recent search queries for our site, terms like Nilanti Narain, Suelyn Medeiros, Jade Wifey, Tasha Destiny, & Bria Myles are ALWAYS highly searched for on the site (We have more Hip-Hop related searches but you get the point). You guys may not comment a lot on the ladies, but the pageviews tell another story.

We’re not a “sex site” or anything like that. Our music knowledge may get questioned or dissed but at the end of the day, we know Hip-Hop. I still believe to this day we are one of the most underrated and best Hip-Hop sites on these damn internets (And nobody wants to see us on these reviews homie).

So as of now the Certified Banger columns stays. Actually, hit us in the comments and tell us what you think we should do about them. Do you like them or hate them? Does it hurt our credibility? Should we keep them or axe them? Your input would be appreciated. Peace.