Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

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The Numbers Game: Tha Beginning

I'll go ahead and admit something right off: I had NO idea that The Black Eyed Peas were releasing an album. None. The Beginning debuts at #6. Good to se...
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The Secret To Success

Damn it’s been a while since I last dropped something for The ‘Fro (almost a month ago with Alchemist’s Chemical Warfare album review), I guess Hip-Hop mus...
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BET Awards ’09 + Performances

Damn. I understand that Michael Jackson's death threw off the whole BET Awards, but I still gotta say it: It sucked. They had their hearts in the right plac...
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Soulja Boy Is The KING Of Atlanta

Yeah, I said it! Deandre "Soulja Boy" Way is the new KING of Atlanta. T.I. is on a little hiatus and it is only fitting to give Soulja Boy the crown while T.I...