Joe Budden

Joe Budden – Padded Room [Review]

I’ll be honest; at one point I had wrote Joe Budden off as another casualty of the Hip-Hop business. He was a talented rapper that was forced in the whirlwi...
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What’s Beef In 2009?

The late great Christopher Wallace may have asked (and answered) the question “What’s Beef?” over a decade ago, but in 2009 Rap Beefs seems to be still prev...
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Why Saigon Is Like George W. Bush

Our homie BDub over at wrote a dope article comparing George W. Bush to rapper Saigon. We really haven't covered the whole Joe Budd...
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Joe Budden vs. Ransom

Everybody knows who Joe Budden is, but no one knows who Ransom is. The two have gotten into a serious beef over the Holiday weekend where someone got beat u...
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4 Songs/Beats That Jay-Z Passed On

The other week I heard the original version of Jay-Z’s "Dig A Hole". The thing that was surprising is that beat that was used was from Fabolous’ "Return Of ...
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