Charles Hamilton

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The Case For Charles Hamilton

When you hear the words "Charles Hamilton", what exactly do you think of? Sonic the Hedgehog? Insanity? Pink?! For me personally, it'd have to be "dope". Al...
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Charles Hamilton – Normalcy [Mixtape]

Just in case you don't trust me to DL this. 1. New Music From Charles Hamilton Blaring horns, it's an introduction, pretty decent actually. Got me into th...
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A Year Later: XXL’s “The 10 Freshmen”

It’s been almost a year since we did the article on XXL’s “The 10 Freshmen”. The XXL magazine cover featuring their picks for “Hip-Hop’s Class Of ‘09” gave th...
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XXL’s “The 10 Freshmen” Covers

Today I finally saw the covers for December's XXL, and you know what? They aren't bad at all (Way better than last year's "Leaders Of The New School"). It fea...