The Blueprint 3

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The Numbers Game: Jay-Z Is #1

"Please don't bow in my presence/How am I a legend?/I just got 10 number one albums/Maybe now 11?" (From "Thank You" by Jay-Z). I don't think anyone is surp...
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Jay-Z – “Ghetto Techno”

Yea, I know. But hey, this isn't on The Blueprint 3. And I'm glad. You can't make a song like "D.O.A." and then have a song like this on the same album; it'...
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Jay-Z – “Venus vs. Mars”

If your keeping score at home, that's three straight leaks from The Blueprint 3; all Timbaland produced tracks. Shouldn't Jay be looking at Timbo's camp sid...
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Jay-Z – “Reminder”

Another day, another leak from Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3. Dang. With basically no Hip-Hop releases, is this what nappyafro is reduced too? Just posting up son...
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Jay-Z feat. Drake – “Off That”

Damn. I really didn't think this track would leak this early. Did Jay-Z "Hello Brooklyn" Drizzy? Yes. No verse from Drake just the hook. But let me stop hat...
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Jay-Z – “When The Money Goes”

At first I wasn't gonna post this Jay-Z song. But when someone called me and said, "I heard a new song off Blueprint 3. It's wack!", I had to say something....
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H20’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2009

Well, the awards are over, and it looks like 2009 should be great musically: you got Hov, Slim Shady, the return of Dre, 50, the Notorious soundtrack, Ludac...
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Why Jay-Z Should Be Man Of The Year

Now when I saw the category of "Man Of The Year" I didn't know exactly what to think because in my mind that would definitely go to the President-elect Bara...
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iPod Hustle: Hova & Electronica

If there's one thing to make me do a post on Saturday, it's a new Jay-Z song (Did you really think I wouldn't write about it? Really?). In this iPod Hustle ...