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Jay Electronica – Victory [Mixtape]

This mixtape came out a few days ago and since it wasn't the Act II mixtape everybody is waiting on, I wasn't gonna post it. But after listening to it, Furi...
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Lil’ Wayne – “On Fire” [Video]

Rebirth may never come out but I guess that won't stop Weezy from releasing videos supporting it. "On Fire" is not bad though; it does makes me think about ...
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Charles Hamilton – Normalcy [Mixtape]

Just in case you don't trust me to DL this. 1. New Music From Charles Hamilton Blaring horns, it's an introduction, pretty decent actually. Got me into th...
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Pill – 4075: The Refill [Mixtape]

Yep, I been waiting on this one for a second. Pill drops his follow up to his 4180: The Prescription mixtape. For those who have heard or seen the video for "...
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Jay Electronica – “Exhibit C”

Seeing that I picked Jay Electronica's "Exhibit A (Transformations)" as one of the best songs of 2008, I was super hyped to see this track pop up on the in...
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Lil’ Wayne – No Ceilings [Mixtape]

Lil' Wayne's highly anticipated No Ceilings mixtape leaks days earlier than the expected date (Oct. 31st). It's really not a surprise since all of Weezy's m...