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The Bonus Tracks From Tha Carter III

Okay, so from the numbers of visitors, I can see that you all love (or either really hate) Lil' Wayne's new album. Well, today is the day that Tha Carter II...
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Jay-Z – “A Billie”

Not all the time, but sometimes, we just post songs for no reason. Like this one for instance. After everyone and their cousin has released a freestyle over...
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Nick Minaj – Sucka Free [Mixtape]

After posting about the Nick Minaj ad (Nicki Minaj = Lil’ Kim?), we got a lot of e-mails about the actual mixtape and ask if we're gonna review it. Well, as...
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Jay-Z – Return Of The Black [Mixtape]

Okay, the cats out of the bag, I’m a big Jay-Z fan. I’m not like some of the dudes I know though. If Jigga farted on the microphone I wouldn’t praise that s...
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