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Eminem – “3am”

Yeah, I know we late with this. If you ain't already got this, here's Marshall Mathers' new single "3am". For those that thought the psychopathic Slim Shady...
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Trav Williams – IllTravis [Mixtape]

Besides almost causing underground internet beef last week, the folks at have been working on this project for over 10 weeks. IllTravis;...
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Rhymefest – The Manual [Mixtape]

Rhymesfest is gearing up to release his second album El Che. But before that, he hooks up with Scram Jones and releases The Manual. Rhymesfest revists some ...
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The Good Morning Mixtape

We put up the promo commercial for it yesterday, now here it is: The Good Morning Mixtape. A great concept mixtape to get you moving in the morning. A...
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Emilio Rojas – Recession Proof [Mixtape]

Emilio Rojas… That’s a name that many Hip-Hop fans might not recognize. Well that’s understandable since he’s kind of new on the Hip-Hop scene, but that doesn...
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Drake – So Far Gone [Mixtape]

Your boy Drake has dropped his third "official" mixtape today and you know that we are not like those sites that post every new mixtape that comes out, just th...