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Jozeemo & Bionik – TV Land [Mixtape]

History lesson: Way back in the day when nappyafro was first getting started, the first and only rapper at the time to do business with us was Jozeemo. For ...
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Jay-Z – “Venus vs. Mars”

If your keeping score at home, that's three straight leaks from The Blueprint 3; all Timbaland produced tracks. Shouldn't Jay be looking at Timbo's camp sid...
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Jay-Z – “Reminder”

Another day, another leak from Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3. Dang. With basically no Hip-Hop releases, is this what nappyafro is reduced too? Just posting up son...
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Jay-Z feat. Drake – “Off That”

Damn. I really didn't think this track would leak this early. Did Jay-Z "Hello Brooklyn" Drizzy? Yes. No verse from Drake just the hook. But let me stop hat...
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The Blueprint Reconstructed [Mixtape]

The crew at bangs out another remix project and this time it's for Hova's The Blueprint. I'm always up for remix projects, but at first ...
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Eminem – “The Warning”

Wow. I mean when you are a married man and someone goes in on your have to say something. Now I know that Nick Cannon is not a formidable opponen...
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The Roots – “How I Got Over”

I don't know what the general perception of is. But between the co-signs from Soulja Boy, King Jerm's props to Gucci Mane, and of course, the Ce...
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Young Chris – The Network [Mixtape]

Whoa. We posting a mixtape on Sunday? Yep. Young Chris (Who has been grinding on the internets) is back with the Don Cannon assisted The Network. After a few ...
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Drake – “The Winner”

The other day, me and King Jerm were talking about just how real (or not real) the the buzz on Drake is. Not to say he isn't the hottest in the game right n...
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The Game – “I’m So Wavy”

By now, you have probably heard The Game go at Jay-Z pretty hard in a freestyle in Madrid, Spain..if not, check out the video. The Game taking shots at Jigg...
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50 Cent – Forever King [Mixtape]

50 Cent is definitely hitting us in the head with a lot of new music recently. Last month he dropped the War Angel LP mixtape and now here's Forever King. E...
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