The Debate


Aquemini vs. ATLiens

King Jerm vs. B-Easy Welcome to another episode of The Debate. In this edition, we put two classic Outkast albums against each other: Aquemini and ATLiens. ...

Keyshia Cole vs. Ciara

Keyshia Cole vs. Ciara This is a debate that has gone on between the staff since the launch of the site; Who is all around better: Keyshia Col...

Diamond vs. Princess

King Jerm vs. B-Easy First off, let it be known that if King Jerm or B-Easy had their pick of any Rap/R&B chick in the game, it’s a good chance it would...

Buckeey vs. Bootz

King Jerm vs. B-Easy In this debate, we take at look at two stars of Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School: Shay “Buckeey” Johnson and Larissa “Bootz” Aurora. ...
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