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What the hell is Black Snake Moan?

During “Super Bowl Sunday” while sitting at my friends house watching the game, I saw this commercial for the movie Black Snake Moan (more…)...
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The Wire finally gets some respect

I’m patiently waiting on the return of my favorite television show The Wire. Now I have been watching it since it came out 5 years ago. I’m not one on the ...
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49th Annual Grammy Winners

The Grammys were this past Sunday. I'm always proud of the people in Rap & R&B who get nominated but come on, it’s the Grammys. I always remember th...
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My Beef with Curtis Jackson

Well all this time I have had a disdain for 50 Cent. I don’t think I was hating on him, because the whole time I never denied that he didn’t make good songs...

Official nappyafro Desktop Wallpapers

We finally gave the wallpapers their own page. Be part of the movement and dress up your computer with on the picture, right click on the b...
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New Wallpapers

Yea, and it’s about damn time too. We here at want to thank for the early success of the site and your commitment to us (King Jerm, Blood, & D...
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Is Hip-Hop Dead?

Is Hip-Hop dead? That is the question I ask myself time and time again. It seems as if everybody and their moms is a rapper, or have their hand in it someho...
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DJ Drama gets busted!

Investigators raid an Atlanta recording studio operated by DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon. Agents confiscated an estimated 50,000 CD’s (all Gangsta Grillz discs...
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Hip-Hop Releases Of 2006…kinda sad

First of all, welcome to the first of my little column: We Want Easy. Its here I will air my thoughts about...whatever shit I have on my mind I guess. I sti...
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