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Pimpin’ Snooky

What’s up people? I’ll be real with you, the staff here at, we tired. Trust me; we had a long, LONG, weekend. So today, we’ll sit back and let...
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When Will We Ever Let Ja Rule Back In?

I recently was watching Irv Gotti's new reality show Gotti’s Way, and saw a scene with a frustrated Ja Rule ranting about putting out new music and figting ...
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Happy Veteran’s Day

Here at, we wanted to take the day to show some love to the real hero’s out there… the ones in the armed forces. (more…)...
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Rappers Making Songs About Eating P***y

Today’s topic is a weird one to talk about. I really don’t know how to go into it, but here goes. In the last two weeks or so, I’ve heard two songs about a ...