Saule Wright

Freeway – Free At Last [Review]

How many rappers truly step to the mic and sound like the next great thing. I am not talking about clever puns or simple voice quality, I am talking about t...

The Pack – Based Boys [Review]

Have I told you that I love my job? This has been a DOPE year for Hip-Hop. Amidst the crucifiction, the artists have stepped up and delivered one of the bes...

Saule Wright

The Black Alex P. Keaton

Saule Wright *the "e" is silent* is a chill cat that loves his Hip-Hop and R&B music. At times, he may throw in a few extra words here and there in his reviews, but he makes an effort to comment on the track, the lyrics, and other elements in each song when doing nappyafro's legendary track by track process. If he's not wandering around trying to spark conversation, you'll find him either on or twitter doing the same. Respected by many, disrespected by many, and respectful of both.