Saule Wright

Jean Grae – Jeanius [Review]

It's been about 4 years since one of the illest females you've never heard had her album stolen and leaked to the net. Jeanius is finally getting the offici...

Bun B – II Trill [Review]

The passing of Pimp C came at a time when UGK was finally getting the mainstream recognition they deserve. Bun B spent a good amount of time making guest sp...

AZ – Undeniable [Review]

The younger generation is screaming for the older guys in the game to hang up the mic. The older generation is determined to mush the young cats by assertin...

Rocko – Self-Made [Review]

I don't know about you, but other than hearing it was coming out, I hadn't heard much about this CD. His lead single is solidly top of my worst songs in the...

Webbie – Savage Life 2 [Review]

Webbie reached gold status with his debut CD Savage Life on the back of "Give Me That", the hit single. Rolling with his boy Lil’ Boosie and the other label m...

Scarface – Made [Review]

I really don’t have/need/want to do an intro for this man. Lets be honest, rappers with this kind of longevity and success are few and far between. I am not...

Saule Wright

The Black Alex P. Keaton

Saule Wright *the "e" is silent* is a chill cat that loves his Hip-Hop and R&B music. At times, he may throw in a few extra words here and there in his reviews, but he makes an effort to comment on the track, the lyrics, and other elements in each song when doing nappyafro's legendary track by track process. If he's not wandering around trying to spark conversation, you'll find him either on or twitter doing the same. Respected by many, disrespected by many, and respectful of both.

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