King Jerm


FROCAST: Episode #201

Follow us: @nappyafro @saulewright @GQ_Blu @carterazoo RIP Phife. Cop a shirt, we have a few Leave us some drops and feedback at 1-347-201-2572. ...

FROCAST: Episode #200

Follow us: @nappyafro @saulewright @GQ_Blu @carterazoo We figured since it's a celebration, bitches, we'd go in on some music topics this week, as well a...

FROCAST: Episode #199

Follow us: @nappyafro @saulewright @GQ_Blu @carterazoo Katt Williams in the news again, getting topped off as a tip, and what would YOU do if you found $...

King Jerm

The People's Champ/Founder

The most opinionated of the group (Probably sometimes the biggest jackass too). Urban legend has it that he used to have a dying love for “project chicks”. Claims to have never listened to nothing but Hip-Hop. Sports (like most of us) comes a close second to Hip-Hop.

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