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Vibe’s Best Rapper Alive Tournament

I was on the internet and I saw a thing Vibe was doing to settle once and for all who is the best rapper alive. They made a bracket type thing to have the r...
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The New King of Hip-Hop Part II

Alright, last time I wrote about my concerns on who would run the rap game when all the greats are too old or not popular enough to continue. Some people love...

Green City – Brand New Money [Review]

Alright, if you haven't read my staff page, I'm young; my friends blast Soulja Boy and actually think he's good. Because of that, I had never heard any Scar...
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Good Songs by Bad Rappers

When you name the greats in Hip-Hop, who do you name? 2Pac, Biggie, Jigga, Nasty Nas, Weezy, Outkast, etc. But each and everyone of those artists made a sli...
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The New King of Hip-Hop

I was just listening to some music lately, and then it hit me: who's gonna be runnin' this rap shit in 10 years? The big name rappers will have most likely ...
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Nas – Illmatic [1994]

Nas first came into the rap game on his debut single, "Halftime", which lyrically still blows me away with lines like: "I drop jewels, wear jewels, hope to ...
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Jay-Z – The Blueprint [2001]

Reasonable Doubt was Jay's first classic album, coincidentally his debut, just like Nas, Biggie, and Outkast. But after that, Jigga just wasn't up to THAT lev...


Of the group, he is the youngest and most poetically inclined; it's nearly impossible to find him without a book in his hand, a pen and pad in his back pocket, and the audacity to put all his ideas down. From the east coast, he's a lover of lyricism, Japanese media, video games, and art. Recently traded in his Jay-Z stan card for a Charles Hamilton one and lost every fan of his work.

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