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Why You Should Listen To: Nas [MixEP]

So what started with some members catching feelings and me somehow getting involved in a challenge (Shots fired to the nay say'ers that didn't think I could...
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DJ LP’s Sound Session: Represent

So for those that know, I’ve been down with The ‘Fro for a while. I would try and contribute every once in a while putting in work for some reviews or even ...
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Song of the Week: “Go To Sleep”

To start off, forgive my absence from the 'Fro lately, college has once again consumed my life.It's good to see some life coming out of Lupe considering...
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Bad Meets Evil – “Scary Movies”

This is the second time I take over for Song of the Week and hopefully not the last time. Another week has passed in Hip-Hop and more great tracks are out (...
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J. Cole – “The Last Stretch”

For this week's installment of Song of the Week, I decided it might be a good idea for me to step in once again (See Pig Face Weapon Waist, The Escape Route...

Joe Budden – Escape Route [Review]

With the Fro’s crew busy with new projects constantly coming up, I thought it might be fit for a member to step in and provide some support and relieve some...


A 90's NY Hip-Hop. He looks for anything and everything that brings back the feeling of that gritty NY sound. His favorite producer is the legendary DJ Premier, he also believes the second coming of Nas has arrived in J. Cole. Most times you'll find him browsing the web searching for new music to enjoy and looking for the next possible Sound Session track to write about

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