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Certified Banger: Veatrice

Let's get to it: Veatrice's body is ridiculous. Proof? 36DD-27-45. Plus, those first two pictures below are killers. Being that Veatrice is from Portland, i...

Certified Banger: Diznee

I told you she would be back! Diznee. Believe me, one time was not enough. I spoke before about how she has that presence of being a cutie in the streets bu...

Certified Banger: Bubbles

Why haven't we had more pictures of Bubbles featured in the Certified Banger column? She hasn't been featured here since March and that's way too long to be w...

Certified Banger: Tiara

Let be real. Tiara is a straight vet in the video vixen game. Some of you may even remember seeing her from music videos like R. Kelly's "Fiesta" or even 50...

Certified Banger: Diznee

There's just something about Diznee. Those big beautiful green eyes. That pretty face. That body. She's like the girl next door who's so sweet at first but ...
The nappyafro Staff

The nappyafro Staff

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