Online or In-Store: Where to Purchase Your Next Cello Bow

The cello is a wonderful instrument that produces some of the most melodic tones! However, without a bow, the cello will cease to make the music that the world loves. With that, it is important to select the right bow to create quality music. Your bow can affect your comfort level when playing the instrument and determines the extent to which you are able to play the cello. 

These days the cello bow is becoming more and more accessible through means of the internet. Is it the right move to purchase one online or to get a feel of it first in real life? Here are a few pros and cons of buying a bow online and in-store to assist your decision. 

Purchasing Online

Pro: It is less time-consuming to purchase your bow online especially if you are busy with other errands. With a click of a button, you can easily buy your own bow without having to worry about physically going to a mall or an establishment that sells one!

Con: It is often advisable to physically try a bow before purchasing it to check if it is a right fit for your body type and if you would be able to effectively use it on your cello. 

Purchasing In-store

Pro: It is generally safer to purchase your bow in store because you can test a variety of bows before settling on one. You may also gauge if the bow is a good fit for your physicality.

Con: You may have to spend a lot of valuable time visiting music stores prior to finding a bow that works for you. This can be challenging logistically and requires much effort. 
With that, cello bows are a huge investment for players. Even though it takes more time and effort to purchase one in-store, it is still the more recommendable option to ensure that the bow is perfect for you. This way, you can ensure that you are choosing the bow that is suitable for your body measurements. On the other hand, it is completely understandable if one does not have the time to visit a music store. You need not worry as the option to shop for a cello bow online is a route that you can take. Above all, do not rush your decision and find as much information as you can before settling on a bow as this tool greatly impacts your performance.