How to Evolve Your Current Personal Style

What you wear reflects who you are, but it’s easy to choose one look that you like and then stick with it for years. If it works for you, then why not? The trouble is, as fashion moves on, your favorite clothes can start to look dated, and what works for a guy in his 20s can look plain weird on someone who is making their way towards 40. You don’t need to buy a whole new closet of clothes every year, just a few changes to your look can evolve your style to the next level. 

Buy some classic items

There are a few classic items that every man should have in his closet that stay stylish year after year. Well-cut designer jeans, classic sneakers, and a white dress shirt are things you’re always going to look good in, no matter what your age. Get a tailored suit for when you need to impress and invest in a piece of outerwear from to instantly add style to any outfit. 

Don’t be afraid to add finishing touches

Some men are afraid to accessorize, while others overdo it with too much bling, so you’ve got to find your happy place in the middle. You can make a formal outfit look so impressive and expensive with a pocket square and the right cufflinks, while if you choose the right watch, you’ll instantly add sophistication to whatever you wear. 

Try things on and see what works for you

Online shopping makes life easier, yes, but it can lead to guys getting stuck buying the same kinds of clothes over and over. A lot of men will find a few brands they like, then just order the same style in that size again, even once their body shape changes. Now and again, go to a mall and try on some different styles. You don’t have to buy them, just see if slim fit or regular fit suits you, or whether you should switch from crew necks to V-necks. Men can instantly look more stylish if they dress for their body shape.  

Get groomed

Been to the same barber since you were a kid? Think skincare products are for women? It’s time to up your grooming game. When you spend some time on personal care, your entire look changes, and you look more mature and put together. You don’t have to do much. When you next go to the barber, try something a little different to change your look, and start using a little moisturizer and file your nails. 

There are lots of advantages to evolving your personal style. You can be taken more seriously at work, make yourself more attractive on the dating scene, or just give yourself some self-confidence. If you feel that you’re still dressing like a boy, then changing to a more classic style, while still keeping your own personal touch, will help you feel like you’ve reached the new level in your life.