Indigenous People React To Representation In Film & TV [Video]

I love the React channel and FBE for their content, but somehow this might be the first video I’ve posted on the site.

“Today, October 14 is Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the United States.  Previously Columbus Day, and still referred to as such in many parts of the United States, the holiday celebrates and honors Indigenous peoples, as well as commemorates their histories and cultures. We invited eight people with Indigenous heritage to comment on well-known representatives of Indigenous Americans across film and television over time. Since we are filming this episode in Southern California, we chose to only focus on the portrayal of Native Americans, but of course are aware and respectful of Indigenous cultures around the world.

We hope you enjoy this episode and have a wonderful Indigenous Peoples’ Day!”

Always a classic!

Also, I finally learned where the “Fuck Christopher Columbus” meme originated.