Gotham Fam: A Breakdown of the Bat Family Members

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Damian Wayne/Robin

Damian Wayne is the current, and fourth Robin (5th if you count Stephanie Brown but we’ll talk about that in a minute). Damain Wayne, as the name would suggest, is the biological son of Bruce Wayne. At his age, he may be the most skilled fighter of any of the Robins to date. That says quite a bit about him. He’s also the most lethal of the Robins.

Damian spent the first decade of life being raised by the League of Assassins. During this time, he was trained to one day lead the league. By the age of ten, Damian had already become an expert in hand-to-hand combat, strategy, and lethal force. Once he was revealed to his father, Batman spent more time in teaching Damian the worth of human life than he did with any of the other Robins. Damian is more like Bruce than any of the Robins before him.

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