Gotham Fam: A Breakdown of the Bat Family Members

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Duke Thomas/The Signal

Duke Thomas is the newest member of the Bat Family. He is unique as he is also the first member of the Bat Family who is a metahuman (meaning he has powers). As of right now, he has yet to figure out exactly how to use these powers, but it is implied that he may be immortal as well as having the ability to read where light rays have been (meaning he can see into the past).

He was originally introduced to the readers in a series of stories referred to as We Are Robin. In this story, civilian adolescence decided that they were tired of the crime in their neighborhoods and decided that they would police themselves. Eventually through a string of incidents, Batman saw the potential in young Duke and decided to take him on as his apprentice. Duke considered declining initially as he didn’t want to be yet another Robin, but Batman offered to train him as “something else.” The Signal was born at that moment.

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