Watch The Trailer For ‘JOKER’

I had questions like everybody else when it was announced that the world would be getting a stand-alone Joker movie, with “The Clown Prince of Crime” being portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix.

What happened to Jared Leto? Will it be connected to the other DC movies? The guy who made The Hangover is directing? Do I even want to know The Joker’s origin story?

But now we get the trailer for JOKER and things are looking promising. It also sadly shows a man being pushed to the brink of insanity by society and has a feeling of a serial killer movie. And this is suppose to be a superhero movie? I’m in.

Also, props to Atlanta cast members Zazie Beetz (Who is superhero double dipping) and Brian Tyree Henry, who also show up in the trailer.

JOKER comes to theaters on October 4th.