Ariana Grande – “7 Rings” [Video]

I had no expectations when I hit play on Ariana Grande‘s newest video, “7 Rings”; just thoughts while I watched:

1. Wow, this sounds like Julie Andrews mixed with Trap music. I still like Diana Ross’s version of “Favorite Things” more.

2. Did this take place at 2 Chainz’s Pink Trap House?

3. Ariana Grande is really moving on to her next album faster than she moves on to relationships. Ohhh Snap.

4. She is really 25 and successfully moved away from her Nickelodeon days.

5. Soulja Slim made “You Got It” with Mia X so that B.G. could make “I Want It” so that Ariana could fly. 

6. How much you think Grande pays for her hair?

7. Another pop-star doing trap should be cringeworthy, but I like this. The video and song are catchy. Enjoy!