Run The Jewels on PBS’s ‘Austin City Limits’ [Video]

I am jealous of Saule Wright and all the other cool Austin, Texas residents. I thought my Saturday night was incredible as I came home from a showcase of rappers from my hometown of Shreveport. I watched on TV as Austinites had access to attend the long-running live performance show produced by PBS, Austin City Limits as one of my favorite groups tore the stage down with each lyric.

After an astounding 2017, Run The Jewels begin the new year with a legendary appearance on ACL making them the 1st Hip-Hop group to perform and overall third Hip-Hop act along with Mos Def and Kendrick Lamar. Jewel Runners enjoy and those unfamiliar with Killer Mike and El-P, learn something before the release of RTJ4 later this year.

Bonus: Post Performance Interview

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