R&B Sunday: Mila J – “Coldest Shoulder In The West”

It’s the 1st R&B Sunday of 2018! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!

Mila J is one of my favorites and continues to be by delivering a new 6 song EP after gifting fans back in November with her birthday project, 11.18. Song dos, “Coldest Shoulder In The West” from January 2018 goes in for the kill in the first verse. The opening lines!

I just got a call from my ex
He says he changed but I’m still not impressed (So not impressed)
Don’t love you more and I don’t love you less
If I don’t pick up that don’t mean you should text (Don’t be that guy)

I don’t know what’s more scathing: The inability to care more or less about a past love’s growth or the ad-lib. “Don’t be that guy” hit me and I’m not even that type. Mila J, I wish you much success this year, thank you for your IG and thank you for the music. Enjoy!