R&B Sunday: Lenny Williams – “Let’s Talk It Over”

Like my interest in new music from Boosie, my fandom for Jeezy has waned over the years. With his upcoming 8th album, Pressure heading for a release date of December 15th, I decided to highlight a sample of one of my favorites from the Snowman. “I Do” featuring Jay-Z &Andre 3000, from his final installment in the Thug Motivation series features a sample from underrated vocalist, Lenny Williams. The former Tower of Power lead singer is best known for the “if you don’t feel this, you are dead inside” ballad, “Cause I Love You”, but I’m here to prove he has more songs (even though if he made only that one, he’s still a legend) and continues to release new music to this day. Enjoy 1979’s “Let’s Talk It Over” from his fifth album, Love Current. Good luck to all the artists releasing albums this Friday, congratulations to all the music fans, and Bless Mr. Lenny Williams. Happy Sunday!

2017’s “She Said Oh”

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