FROCAST: Episode #277

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Glass sextoys that hold ashes, Dome on Delta flights, Acceptable backdoor policies, strippers on strike and where the condiments go on a burger. Yeah, somehow this all made the list this week.

Oh, and check out the young homie from Detroit, Matt Hall, and let him know what you think.

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    Crazy episode of the frocast. Great segment on the update from Coach Jerm, and congrats. Crazy ass segments on Wendy Williams fainting on live TV, Glass Sex Toys that hold ashes, strangers caught having sex on a Delta flight, NY strippers on strike, and Cheese on a Burger being either on top/bottom. Cool segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Crazy episode. I enjoyed it.

  • Y’all were on one while recording this ep. One of the best in recent months. Congratulations, Jerm, it was like B-Easy was the teacher that told you you were never going to grow to be shit. The battery in your back you needed. HA! Part of the reason I stopped eating pork and beef is because people try to force bacon onto every food. I got tired of it. Thanks for saying I’ll be in Heaven, writing about R&B and doing podcasts sounds cool; finally get that Pimp C interview if he made it there according to Jerm’s standards. All the talk about purgatory, Heaven, and Hell made me want to scream, ” Watch ‘The Good Place.'” That show on NBC covers all of that hilariously. I really want to know what shape is acceptable.