6 Tips While Online Dating

1. Be Risky, but Be Cautious
Many people start online dating to meet new people and take a risk. But remember to also be safe. When swiping through your favorite dating site, and planning a date try picking a public place, give limited information, and tell at least one person where you’re going to be.

2. People Still Catfish in 2017
Don’t fall in with a profile picture. If it looks too good to be true then it’s okay to ask for more pictures. Stay clear of profiles who have only one profile picture, or if their profile descriptions are way too “magical”. Try asking questions that require original answers.

3. One Date May Not Be Enough
Life is not always like a movie, and not everyone falls in love the first date. It may take multiple get-togethers in order for you to start feeling a connection. You may matchup with someone who is very closed and doesn’t want to open up to a complete stranger.

4. Be Yourself in Your Profile
On sites like this one here, it’s important to be authentic in your profile. Don’t over exaggerate, and give yourself the life you always wanted. More people are attracted to profiles that have a real feel. Making up details in your profile only leads to trying to keep up with those “details” when asked about them.

5. It’s Okay to Slide in the DM’s
If you think you and a person can connect then go ahead and message them. Life is all about risk, and you won’t ever know until you do it. It’s important not to be gross and immature when messaging someone for the first. First impressions are important and are a memorable part when dating; make sure it’s right.

6. Don’t Discuss Past Relationships
Your new boo does not want to hear about your old lovers. Try avoid making comparisons, and sounding bitter. If you’re just leaving a bad break up try taking an opportunity to clear your head. If you can’t get the thought of your past S.O. then maybe you should take time to think about yourself.