FROCAST: Episode #273

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We get into SlutWalk2017, Las Vegas terrorism, #stoplacking and social media changes in general, another Coach Jerm update and whatever other randomness that comes to mind lol. Rock with us, press play and share the show.

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  • B-Easy

    Here’s is a documentary about the people who made the fake scenes in Faces of Death:


    Good episode of the frocast. Cool segment on the Coach Jerm update. Crazy segments on the whole Las Vegas shooting situation/terrorism, Amber Rose’s SlutWalk, Cam Newton’s remark on a question the woman reporter asked him, and the #stoplacking challenge. Cool segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week.

  • I can’t do a wrestling podcast. I haven’t watched since The Rock left Smackdown to do promo for ‘The Scorpion King.”

  • Jamonte’ Thomas ruined us for crazy violence as high school kids.
    -21 and Amber Rose is the weirdest shit to me.
    -I hate internet “challenges”.
    -I’m always surprised when First 48 is not in Memphis.
    -“Oh shit, you shot me” is the last day we’ll ever be friends. And I’m pressing charges.
    -Dude grossly misquoted the Bible and she took that as Christian values.
    -That chick definitely swiped that bag of sugar. Better than getting clunked upside the head with one of them shits.