FROCAST: Episode #272

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Another quick hitta this week. We get into the kneelin’ shit, some current events, winners and losers and a bunch of other shit. Press play and get every piece of this comedy.

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    Cool episode of the frocast. Crazy segment on Sports, especially with the majority of NFL, if not all teams, kneeling, Curry skipping the White House visit, BBB shoes, etc. More crazy segments, even on the lady going off on someone who has PTSD. Cool segment on King Jerm as a football coach, and Winners and Losers of the week. Cool episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -I couldn’t get time off for SneakerCon.
    -Never been to Wish, but HeetATL was pretty cool. Got my Flu Games from there.
    -Ray Coonis laid that shit on thick.
    -Trump hit Steph with that “You ugly anyway, bitch!” after getting turned down.
    -They got Lavar in 2K18 texting your phone when your player gets good enough to start getting a shoe deal.
    -I stopped at the Walmart in Gastonia to use the restroom, and all the stalls were fucked.
    -Off-brand q-tips are notorious for bending for no reason.
    -I’m afraid of ending up like those videos where people,have to get earwax surgically removed.
    -Black & Ugly is my favorite from Rap’s album.