FROCAST: Episode #267

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Y’all know TV Talk is on point again with 4 shows on deck, but how were those shows this week? How did we talk about Power without talking about “The Hit”? We also go talk about Duvall’s situation, color changing condoms, lawsuits, and well…we do what we do best… Press Play…..

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    Great episode of the frocast. A lot of crazy segments from Stephen Curry mocking Lebron James and Kyrie Irving is cheering/egging him on, Draymond Green being sued by Jermain Edmondson, Color changing condoms, Catfish, etc. More crazy segments on Lil Duval saying what he said on the Breakfast Club, Bobby V “allegedly” getting caught by a transgender, etc. Cool segments on TV Talk, Keep It 100, and Winners and Losers of the week. Great episode. I enjoyed it.

  • Almost laughed out loud at work during the Transgender discussion that turned into burger talk and ghetto women with good jobs talk. Lol.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Steph plays up his “good Christian boy” role so Bron doesn’t come see him in these streets.
    -Those Ewing Uptempo’s are soooo disrespectful.
    -A football player is affected by a slap?
    -It’s probably good for a person to know what they have, but it’d probably be best to just turn shit bright red to make a person think “full stop”.
    -My mom loves them country ass broads on “Bring It”.
    -Rawse was looking at Martha Stewart on her & Snoop’s show, the same way you’re describing. Shit was gross.
    -Lmao @ “scissored heavily”. Reminds me of Mr. Garrison from South Park.
    -NOLA & Houston accents are dangerous.
    -I think the black-ish spin off is gonna fail because it’s gonna be on a weird channel. Maybe they’ll get the views.