FROCAST: Episode #265

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Vick, Arruh, Usher and his STD situation, Connor, Power, GoT headline the topics for today…before we devolved into a convo about how much would it take for Jerm to let Laila Ali punch him in the mouth…sometimes, we ramble. So if you want to be entertained, press play on the FROCAST for… not sure how many more we got left…

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    Cool episode of the frocast. Crazy ass segments on R. Kelly allegedly running a sex cult, Michael “Coon” Vick saying Colin Kaepernick should cut his hair, McGregor getting KO’d during sparring for his fight with Mayweather, Chance the Rapper vs Justice League, and Usher paying a woman $1.1 million after infecting her with herpes (YIKES). Talk about letting it burn. Cool segments on Keep It 100, TV Talk, and Winners and Losers of the week. Cool episode.

  • I still haven’t watched ‘Tales’ yet, I was skeptical when I saw the first episode was 2 hours long. I’m trying to watch ‘Snowfall,’ but it seems like they have too many commercials. Glad to hear Saule Wright mention ‘Insecure.’ I wasn’t sold by the first episode until the last 10 minutes, but I think y’all should check out ‘Queen Sugar.’ I don’t get the R.Kelly/Hugh Hefner comparison. Playmates want to pose for the magazine, they get to be in the magazine. Those young girls want R.Kelly to mentor their singing careers, but where’s the music. Families are invited to the Playboy Mansion, those girls aren’t sharing their location. When was R.Kelly really musically relevant? He’s living off his classics and none of his new stuff is selling. Who bought ‘The Buffet’?

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Seriously don’t understand how Kellz is still a thing.
    -Nobody told any of them white dudes with stringy, greasy hair to cut their shit.
    -Bruh, studio stories about Usher, JD and Puff were just bringing loads of hoes to the house, so Usher could smash and really sell being a sex symbol.
    -Mr. Greyscale aka The Mayor of the Friend Zone, still wondering about Dany.
    -*I* want titties to be like Jada Fire.
    -Taking a punch from Tyson, you have to get enough to maintain medical bills for the rest of your life.