FROCAST: Episode #264

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This show we talk about women hustlin’ that thang, breastfeeding, fights, $200 concert tickets, taxes, and monkeys. Yeah, somehow we made it all go together so just… go piss, then press play on the FROCAST for… not sure how many more we got left…

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    Good episode of the frocast. Crazy segments on the woman breastfeeding while having sex, the Summer League, Carmelo might be going to Houston, Floyd Mayweather allegedly owes taxes to IRS, and his upcoming fight with McGregor. More crazy segments on Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour, the $200 concert tickets, Deray McKesson thought he was on the upcoming War on the Planet of the Apes movie, etc. Cool segments on the TV Talk, Keep It 100, and Winners and Losers of the week. Good episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -I’m definitely looking for someone that doesn’t want me to be in church every week. Unless there’s a drastic life change, Sundays are my only rest day.
    -21 said “No bitches, no hoes, none of that.”
    -Warriors are gonna be a buzzsaw for a few years. They’re paid and happy.
    -I stole Rachelle Farrell’s album from BMG back in the day, and still haven’t heard it.
    -Gorillaz came out with an album a few months back. They’re touring for it now.
    -Snowfall is a slow burner. I see they’re trying to build up, but I want them to get to the point.