DJ Khaled – “It’s Secured” Feat. Nas & Travis Scott [Video]

My first reaction to the first minute of the “It’s Secured” video is “TONE-DEAF”! Who thought that police aiming their rifles at Travis Scott, a young Black man was a good idea in a time when that’s all we’ve been seeing on the news? Eif? Khaled? La Flame? Other than that, the song if forgettable and not on the same level as “Nas Album Done.” Mr. Jones, even Frank Ocean came back released two albums, disappeared, and reappeared with a Beats1 radio show during your hiatus, we NEED an album. Anyway, ‘Grateful’ is in stores, praise Ashad, but so far “Wild Thoughts” may be the only song from the producer formerly known as Beat Novacane that I listened to that will make it to July for my entertainment.

I gotta hear more before I dismiss this album.

DJ Khaled -“I’m So Grateful (Intro)” ft. Sizzla

DJ Khaled – “On Everything” ft. Travis Scott, Rick Ross, & Big Sean