FROCAST: Episode #261

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The ramble this week was epic. We had an outline, and we jumped all around that muhfucka but that’s why y’all love us. We talk Cosby, Jay Z, 2017 XXL Freshman list (washed dude style), a few RIP salutes and some other shit. You gotta press play to hear the FROCAST for… not sure how many more we got left…

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    Cool episode of the frocast.R.I.P. Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Crazy segment on School Lunch, fucked up about the guy/officer who killed Philando Castile being found not guilty, the Bill Cosby mistrial situation, and a coach bitching about about too many black players on a team. I don’t even care about the XXL Freshman List that just came out. Interesting that Jay-Z is about to drop an album next Friday. Cool segment on Sports (Golden State winning the Finals), TV Talk, Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Cool episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Lol @ Shoe Rosenhaus.
    -Prodigy hurt, but their music didn’t always catch me until I got into listening for samples.
    -The chicks I know wait for their dude to buy a full album.
    -Definitely need a new Killer Mike solo album. RIP to his mom, too.
    -The only person on the XXL list whose music I’ve heard is Kap G, because I engineered for him a few times. I only know XXXTentacion because he keeps getting knocked out.
    -Music videos have been in the trash since Chief Keef’s “Don’t Like” came out.
    -I never knew that about Silkk, lmao.
    -10 white b-ball players = team. 4 black b-ball players = thugged out gang.
    -I’m sure it’s gonna be Cavs/Warriors for at least 2 more seasons.
    -Celts/Lakers was dope, just for how they joned the shit out of Bill Walton.
    -Who thought anyone would be playing any sport for 20+ years?
    -“All Eyez On Me” was about 2.5/3 stars. The parts with Snoop overdubbing the dude that played him were fuckin awful.

  • The Lightskin Kanye

    Long Live Nappyafro!