FROCAST: Episode #260

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NBA Finals, White folks and the pesky desire to say the N-word, wasps and hygiene, and a bunch of other shit this week on the FROCAST for

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    Cool episode of the frocast. Crazy segments on the NBA Finals and Lebron James and Kevin Durant doing a song back in 2011, Ebro vs Charlamagne, and Bill Maher saying the N-word. Crazy story of what people put on their private parts. Cool segments on TV Talk, Keep It 100, and Winners and Losers of the week. Cool episode. I enjoyed it.

  • mjmoney9s .

    Fuck love and keep LBJ, Thomas, and uncle drew

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Even if it had been said by a black person, the “house nigger” joke is super weak.
    -Definitely don’t wanna hear Durant rap. There’s no reason for it to exist.
    -Charlemagne has too much of a shit-starter vibe, to me.
    -I bought Moonlight, and haven’t even taken it out of the plastic.