FROCAST: Episode #259

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How many podcasts can flow seamlessly from Walmart FUBU kicks to lace dresses and hanging out thigh meat? Just be honest, it’s us…nobody but #JackSwagless and #TheKingOfTheLames better known as Sauwley Wright and the Kang.

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    Great and crazy episode of the frocast. Crazy segment on shoes from stores like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Cool and crazy segments on everything happening in sports from the NBA Finals to the Tiger Woods situation, and TV Talk, including T.I. and Tiny separating/getting divorced. Crazy segment on teachers in Texas handing out awards to students. More crazy and interesting segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Great and crazy episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Lmao, those shoes sound rough.
    -I stood at A3C last October for 8 hours. I wanted to see Master P the next night, but my body couldn’t handle it.
    -Them KD’s make a nigga’s feet look long as shit. I tried some on at the outlet, and they were cutting off circulation.
    -I don’t wanna see MJ in no skinny’s, but them giant joints are awful.
    -Bernice Burgos is a major upgrade from Tiny.
    -I thought I was the only person to take an L trying to be nice, lmao.