FROCAST: Episode #258

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What other podcast gives you food etiquette, burger competitions, kids callin’ the cops on pops, 3000 miles of failure, hired hitmen, TV Talk and more? Us, the #frocast of course. We’re the most lovably ratchet podcast on the nappyafro network™. Give us our props, but keep ya pissy pants to yaself.

It’s time for the FROCAST for

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    Crazy episode of the frocast. Crazy segments on Holiday, Food, Burger Competitions, Mike and Mike beefing. More crazy segments on kids calling the cops on their fathers, #StrandedBae, LaVar Ball threatening a white woman on TV, and TV Talk. Cool segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week.

    • saulewright

      What would you do RTIII if you met a chick online and when you got there, it wasn’t how she said it was?

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Bwahahaha @ the Mock Neck 15’s. I got the Stealth ones. I kinda like ’em. Definitely a weird look for J’s.
    -I haven’t had In-N-Out since I was a kid, but I don’t remember liking it.
    -Me & my dad spent $30 for the sake of not wanting to help setup my brother’s graduation.
    -I haven’t fought anyone since 9th grade, but for $20K….
    -There’s no room in the world for another #StrandedBae.
    -The Kyrie shit was grimy. He doesn’t seem to know where shit is off-limits.
    -I think rappers can grow up/mature. Most of them are no longer in the position where they would need to be what they used to be.

    • saulewright

      Yeah, I copped the stealths in a exchange from the outlet. They rang up at 90 bucks. Hard to pass on that.

      LMAO even for 20k, my homie can’t hold back. GAHTDAMN lol

  • SO I was listening this while at the gym. I thought 10 minutes left in the show was perfect for the few minutes I would be in the locker room shower. Out of nowhere comes the dick transplant story. EVERY OTHER WORD Y’ALL SAID WAS “DICK!” LOL Next day, listening to Bodega Boys by myself in my car talking about the same dick transplant. Those Bronx have WAY more class to wait until they talk about something crazy. lol. Good show, Jerm and Saule.

    • saulewright

      My wife tuned in randomly, and yep, she catches us talking about the dick transplant so she swore off listening again for another 100 plus episodes. Thanks a lot Jerm.