FROCAST: Episode #257

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Usually, this is where we put a nice lil’ Wright (see what I did there) up about the show…but we flew smooth off the rails this time. I know we talk about Ol’ 99button jacket aka the pushbroom stache with no class himself, romperpalooza, and some other shit, but it’s the other shit…

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    Cool and Crazy episode of the frocast. Crazy segments on Keep It 100, Bud Sex??, and Saule Wright and Steve Harvey having something in common. Cool segments on TV Talk, shows being mentioned like Martin and Breaking Bad, and Sports. Crazy story on the White Cop finding out he’s really black, and is suing the department for discrimination. Cool segment on Winners and Losers of the week.

  • Y’all are wild. Just had to get straight to the romphim talk. lol

    • saulewright


  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Choking laughing at the seersucker romper visual.
    -Fresh off the Boat is still good. The little kid that’s Eddie’s friend is a grimy nigga.
    -They’re probably gonna have to wrap up How to Get Away With Murder, too. They’re about to write themselves into a corner.
    -Nobody talks about how the Evans are bad luck charms. The ghetto wouldn’t let them leave. Thelma probably ruined multiple niggas’ lives.
    -They did Cromartie’s vasectomy with silly string and cotton candy.
    -Khaled is guaranteed to have the moobs out, all sweaty and greasy in the romper.