FROCAST: Episode #256

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We had to tuck in our shirts and clean up the office for our special guest, Doctor AbrACEive this week. Be sure to follow him on all your social media and show the homie some love. This week we get into the #BowWowChallenge talk, curious timing of a “Pac killed Biggie rant” by the bomb dropper himself, touch on the Wale segment of Everyday Struggle, an abbreviated TV talk, and other randomness make the cut! Go piss, then press play, in that order… we are not responsible for what happens to your chinos or jeggings…

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    Crazy episode of the frocast. Happy Belated B-Day to King Jerm. Crazy segments on Funk Flex and his probably never ending “Pac Killed Biggie Rant”, Bow Wow Controversy + #BowWowChallenge, and Wale being on the Everyday Struggle show. Cool segments on the NBA Playoffs and TV Talk. More cool segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Crazy episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Lol, Ciera Rogers got that strong bra allergy. Nips all day.
    -Bout to test out this Snap directory. For research.
    -Oh man, the Blackberry messenger days. I had the touchscreen joint, so I could watch movies.
    -A few of the other shows I listen to do Patreon. Some of them completely stopped working, some of them use it as a supplement.
    -Any “no” is a hard stop, for me. Don’t give a shit about the state, lmao.
    -Flex’s weird anti-2Pac stance has always been weird to me. And, he’s like a super senior in high school, who won’t graduate. Flex should’ve been gone from the radio.
    -When I hear old Bow Wow raps, all I hear is JD.
    -Y’all tombout Wale songs I’ve never even heard of.
    -I want the Snap flower crown filter retired.
    -Doc was an amazing guest!