FROCAST: Episode #255

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Your favorite comedy podcast is back with a lot of talk about music. We talk Yachty, Joe Buddens, Wale, Ja Rule and a lot of other shit… yeah, literally, shit…

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    Great episode of the frocast. Great segments on Lil Yachty and Joe Budden debating on the Everyday Struggle show, Wale’s new album, and the Ja Rule/Fyre Festival disaster situation. Weird segment on girls shitting and vomiting in each other mouths. More crazy segments on R. Kelly being sued for having an affair with another man’s wife, Adam Jones saying what he said, being called a nigga/nigger, having peanuts thrown at him, difference between condom sex and raw sex, etc. Cool segments on the NFL Draft, TV Talk, Keep It 100, and Winners and Losers of the week.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -I get people on the “entrepreneur” shit for the Balls, but $495 is a reach. Shit looks like a Kobe, but probably feels like Chucks.
    -Trying to find beard butters and face stuff for men really makes me miss Whipped Goods/Lauren.
    -I don’t wanna hear Yachty’s music, and his Target commercial is awful, but he didn’t deserve to get screamed on like that.
    -The internet is not the place for the “not for me” standpoint.
    -Outside of “The Matrimony”, I can’t really get into Wale.
    -“Finest foods” = a bullshit cheese sandwich.
    -I can’t tell if MJ or R. Kelly has the biggest “sweep under the rug” issues that people ignore.
    -“So yeah, after I shits on the bitch” (c) Biggie
    -Boston is widely known Sam one of the most racist cities ever. Almost guaranteed to get called a nigger with the hardest -er ending.
    -Under Armor gotta be top 5 ugliest logos ever.