R&B Sunday: Stevie Wonder – “My Cherie Amour”

The public radio station in Mesquite, Texas, KEOM 88.5, plays music from every genre between 1960 and 1980 except Hip-Hop. I let everyone know that I am a music fan that identifies as a Hip-Hop head; I also highlight my short attention span and strong dislike from repetition.  There’s nothing wrong with a break from Migos and Drake. One night while driving home with the station playing as my white noise, a familiar beat came into my ear. As a Hip-Hop head, I’m not ashamed to say I first recognized it as a J.Cole’s “She Loves Me Not”, because as I listened on I learned that it is actually one of the best songs ever by one of the greatest musicians ever.

Stevie Wonder‘s title track from his eleventh album, My Cherie Amour was written in 1967 and originally titled, “Oh My Marsha”, before it was record in 1968. Marsha was Wonder’s girlfriend at the time and is the inspiration for Stevie’s infatuation displayed throughout the song. Unfortunately, the young couple broke up and the song was retitled. Enjoy and dedicate this song to the right one.