FROCAST: Episode #253

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…recorded on 420….

ain’t no more to it.


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    Great episode of the frocast. Great segment on Kendrick Lamar, his new great album, people/fans putting Kendrick in the GOAT list/conversations, in which I think is too soon. IMO, he’s not there yet, but if he continues with the great music he’s been doing and still putting out, he will be there. But Top 3 rappers right now, no question, he’s in there. I agree about Jay-Z being the GOAT. Crazy segment on 50 Cent punching the female in the crowd, and then inviting her to come on stage and twerk, and is now suing 50. More crazy segments on Carmelo and LaLa calling it quits, Aaron Hernandez found dead in his jail cell, and the situation about the shooter from Cleveland went from killing someone to commiting suicide. Cool segments on TV Talk, Keep It 100, and Winners and Losers of the week. Great episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Before I worked with Easy, I worked with a chick that got hired on Thursday, and failed the random drug test on the next Tuesday.
    -DNA is a killer, with the beat switch. DUCKWORTH is major, too.
    -I think he’s gotten so much better than he was, Section 80 is a tough listen now.
    -I fell asleep on 285 listening to Untitled.
    -All rational thought leaves niggas cheating.
    -I’ve been calling McDonalds “McDowells” since that movie came out.
    -Montana out there playing real life NFL Blitz.