FROCAST: Episode #251

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This weeks topics are much like this fire…suspicious. It’s on the internet, so it’s gotta be true right? I mean, who wouldn’t pay 3.47M to smash a pretty virgin right? Or this fire that has Atlanta jacked even more than usual was started by a crackhead? Man, we have these alleged news stories and more on The FROCAST for

oh, and KG hit us with this gem

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    Another cool episode of the frocast. Crazy segments on the bridge that collapsed in Atlanta, allegedly due to a fire started by a crackhead and the story of UberBae. More crazy segments on the model who’s selling her own virginity for $3.47M and the whole rape situation that happened at the Drake University. Cool segments on Sports and TV Talk. More cool and crazy segments on Keep It 100, and Winners and Losers of the week. Cool episode.

    • saulewright

      Would you pay 3.47M for that brand new cooch?

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Already dying at the cover photo.
    -Lmao, they keep freeway repair shit under some bridges. No way in hell Combustible Huxtable is responsible for it though.
    -Hipsters do crack, ironically.
    -Cuz would’ve taken a dick belt, if you had one.
    -I’m not putting any L’s or W’s on Twitter. I don’t need that viral fame.
    -I’ve seen a few of those “money flip” accounts. I don’t have enough bread to get fucked over.
    -That show Last Week Tonight did a segment on payday loans. Shit broke my heart.
    -If you’re a dirty old man, virgin sex isn’t gonna guarantee fire sex.
    -Those are some shady details for that rape issue.
    -NY and San Fran be taxing for a simple apartment. Niggas pay $2K/month to have 6 roommates.
    -Still haven’t seen The Get Down. I’ve been meaning to.
    -I’ve seen dudes not get a full day through The Rock’s diet.
    -Another podcast I listen to specifically goes through Craigslist to read posts of married dudes trying to get shit popping with other dudes, but still say “no gay shit”.
    -Beyhive did completely murder Keri’s career, and I loved her music.
    -I bought the privacy screen for my phone so random people don’t see the wild shit I see on IG and Snap.

    • saulewright

      all this shit, comedy!