FROCAST: Episode #250

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Rappers being put on notice, fake football players, a lil child support talk and the glorious return of the best season ever… we get into it all on The FROCAST for

oh, and KG hit us with this gem

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    Cool episode of the frocast. Cool segments on TV Talk and Sports. Crazy and interesting segment on Kendrick Lamar warning the world to get they shit together by April the 7th. Crazy segment on Mike Epps’s ex wanting a crazy amount of money from him. More cool and crazy segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Cool episode.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -I haven’t done a raffle before, but I’ve been lucking up with the SNKRS app. Authorize that shit with my thumbprint, and relax.
    -I’m always surprised how big the Sean John section in Macy’s is.
    -I stopped trying to make shit on NikeID because I always end up with something black/red.
    -Texas would secede from the union if the Cowboys ever moved.
    -I gotta slim down to get into faux-football player shape.
    -I can’t imagine Mike Epps making enough tour money to pay someone $1.3M/yr.
    -I’m cool with paying for education, but the rest should make the judge be like “FOH”.
    -Sometimes you hear C-Breezy is doing horrible, then you see him on “black-ish”.
    -Usher came up through JD & Puff dropping multiple chicks off at the house at a time.
    -KG is definitely not TV trained. Them bullshit college Communications majors do have some merit.

    • saulewright

      here’s the thing. Romo (no idea what his degree is in) just retired and got a TOP job in broadcasting. He bumped Esiason. Now, I aint’ tryna say that Esiason is the goat, but he had years in the game. Romo comes out and takes his spot? This shit brutal as hell. What about the people who are already in the game that are still bringing water?

      Breezy on blackish was dope. He’s in the Foxx, Timberlake lane for me…pisses me off.