Chrisette Michele on The Breakfast Club [Video]

Welp. After receiving the backlash for performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration, Chrisette Michele makes an appearance on The Breakfast Club to tell her side of the story. While she brings up some valid points, I’m still not exactly sure what her side is. Watch below.

Sidenote: I’m still sticking to the theory that if Chrisette Michele said she just needed money, everybody would’ve been okay with it (In the interview she sais she doesn’t need the money by the way).

  • saulewright

    I’ll just say that I’m not sophisticated enough to understand what she wanted to accomplish. Nobody cares about how many fires you put out if you burn up an orphanage. Nobody gives a shit about your prerequisite “black cache” if it means nothing or moves on a more minimal level than the alleged problem. Black Girl Magic was a song. Ok. you sold it, you made money, it was taken as a song. You showed up to to perform for a party that gives no fuck you NOR your people. You toss Obama under the bus for the free concert but you got paid to sell out your folks? Right? Isn’t that how it went?

    I’m not even BIG MAD about this. What I don’t like is how she seems oblivious to this when, as an artist, you’ve made your career on being cognizant and making decisions with explicit forethought and planning. You took the call with no second thoughts, but thought to turn your phone off? You showed up rocking a skirt that you thought would make a statement, but you were confused at how folks reacted to you being there?

    Coming and going.