FROCAST: Episode #238

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NOW you may officially move into 2017 since there is a podcast from your favorite gang posse. Find out who has 22k in the bank, why 2 staffers hate each other, and who has conversations with prostitutes. The FROCAST is here

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  • B-Easy
  • GREAT SHOW. Y’all got the gang back together. I had to look up the New Year superstitions before because I could never remember if you can or can’t wash on Jan 1st. Didn’t see anything about not eating winged animals.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Sounds like a pretty sweet shoe deal that got passed up on, lmao.
    -The shield came up pretty quick for that “loaded” question.
    -You gotta know the patronizing Spanish profanity.
    -Definitely thought that story was going places.
    -Patti Pies were flying off the shelves with no real promo. She did the commercial this year, and it’s crickets.
    -2017, I’m gonna figure out what the Pure White craze is all about, get boo’d up, and start smoking. I’m out of the loop.
    -“Even the gangs got their entertainment divisions” (c) Ice-T.
    -I’ll never understand why niggas not from LA get the urge to be LA gang members, out the blue. Or red.
    -I was dying watching Soulja try to use that treadmill in socks.
    -Props to Serena, but they’re rich living in LA, so I’m sure they’ll be divorced soon after they get married.
    -I was scared watching Flair lift that shit. Looked like he was lifting with his back 100%.
    -NC is a long ass state, too. My dad’s fam is from the coast, and it takes forever to get there.
    -I gave my last job 2 weeks, my supervisor didn’t read it for a week and a half, and when I reminded her about it, I had to pack up right then.


    Crazy ass episode of the frocast. Crazy and funny conversations with B-Easy and GQ Blu. Crazy segments on Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown and everybody else, Patti Pies, Serena Williams getting engaged, etc. Cool segments on top 5 TV shows of all time, TV talk, Keep It 100 and Crazy segment on Winners and Losers of the week. What a way to start off 2017.